PUMP-FLO® is the industry’s leading hydraulic selection software created by Engineered Software, Inc. It offers the advantages of commercially available software technology including a broad-based feature set, affordability, scalability, ongoing software enhancements and technical support.

The technology is used by pump manufacturers, pump distributors and pump users worldwide. PUMP-FLO® is currently licensed by over 150 pump manufacturers around the world.  In addition, we have over 24,000 distributors and 400,000 registered users of our web-based pump selection portal.

PUMP-FLO® offers our customers the advantages of commercially available software technology including broad-based feature set, affordability, scalability and choice of platforms. PUMP-FLO® is available in several different implementations. Manufacturers and distributors can choose the appropriate solutions based on their business and technical requirements. The specific solutions that we offer are listed below.

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